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A Deeper Look at Techiyas HaMaysim – Resurrection of the Dead

  • As one of our 13 Principles of Faith, the Resurrection of the Dead is something we all believe in. But what does it really mean - the dead coming back to life? Let’s delve deeper…
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    One of our 13 Principles of Faith is that we believe in the Resurrection of the Dead, “Techiyas HaMaysim”.
    Why is it so important for this to happen? Wherever the dead are right now, most of them are enjoying themselves. Why is this a core principle of our Faith?
    One of the greatest teachings of Rabbi Akiva is that everything that Hashem does is for the good. Very often a person finds himself dealing with a difficult situation. If a person is honest with himself, he can’t help but feel an undercurrent of negativity. He may believe that the situation is for the best, but he wants to see it, feel it. This is very understandable. As religious Jews we try to squash our doubts. But we still wish to experience the good that is somehow existing underneath the surface.
    The Resurrection of the Dead solves this issue. We usually think of it as dead people coming back to life. But truly, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Rav Shlomo Elyashiv, the great Mekubal, says in truth Techiyas HaMaysim means every THING that ever existed coming back to life; not just people. Techiyas HaMaysim means that we will all be able to relive our life experiences again, but this time with the wisdom of knowing the good even while witnessing what at that time may have seemed terrible. That’s what will come alive – that understanding.
    Hashem should bless us with the ability to apply this wisdom of knowing everything is really for the best into our own lives and into our real life situations that may seem awful and bleak. May we be infused with such a strong belief that it’s all for the good, that we simply can’t see it or feel it in any other way.
    We should be zocheh to witness the coming of the Moshiach speedily in our days, Amen.