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The Divine Power of Speech

  • Dedication: Refuah Sheleima for Shlomo Yisroel Ben Sarah

    Because Hashem created and activated the Universe through speech, this element in our daily lives contains an infinite amount of power.
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    Most of a Jew’s avodah (service) is centered around speech. Of course there are many mitzvos that involve other aspects of the physical self, but speech does seem to be an integral part of Avodas Hashem.
    Why is this the case?
    We also learn that having the right “kavanah” (intention) is also very significant.
    Why is this the case as well?
    The holy books teach that it all goes back to the beginning. In the very beginning, Hashem said “Na’aseh Adam” – “Let us make man.” Obviously, Hashem saying this phrase requires explanation.
    Rashi explains that within each Jew, everything is contained. Within each Jew is the key to unlock the potential of everything. So essentially, when Hashem said “Let us make man”, He was actually talking to the entire universe! Everything we do, as a Jew, unlocks universal potential.
    What is speech? Speech was the vehicle that Hashem used to create the universe. So when a Jew speaks, he actually activates existence in the universe. If he speaks words of goodness and holiness, he connects with activating holiness in the universe; and if chas v’shalom he speaks the opposite, the opposite is being connected with and activated. Since our words connect with activating the universe, our thoughts are integral in that process, since our thoughts are the words in our minds. On a cosmic level, when we have the right kavanas, and speak with intent, we bring Hashem into that process, and connect Heaven and Earth- which is our primary objective here in this world.
    Hashem should help us that we should always have the highest kavanahs in every mitzvah we do, and succeed at bringing Heaven down to Earth.
    May we merit to see the coming of the Moshiach speedily in our days, Amen.